• I think it is an excellent course and I have learned alot from it. The lecturers are all very helpful and easy to work with. 

    – Keith Earls

  • This is a tremendously fulfilling course, both challenging and rewarding. The instructors are all approachable with a huge amount of knowledge and experience, you can ask them anything ! Highly recommended
    Thank you Litton Lane Training

    – Ciaran Kennedy

  • I found my course at Litton Lane Training to be absorbing, interesting and intense.  My tutors were fully committed, involved with the students, and eager to teach and explain. I totally enjoyed my course on Personal Training and hope to complete a further course with this college in the near future.

    – Karl Maguire

  • The education, support & encouragement I received from Litton Lane Training team really motivated me to succeed within the fitness industry. Coming from a non-sporting & commercial background I didn’t know what to expect from the course. With a little hard work and guidance from Litton Lane Training, I have now succeeded. Starting out as an instructor, I then moved onto personal training having done my Level 2 course. Within 5 years of starting my 1st Litton Lane Training course, I am now joint owner of two fitness clubs in North Dublin

    – Alan Fitzpatrick

  • I thoroughly enjoyed doing my ITEC Gym Instruction and Studio diploma with Litton Lane training.  The instructors had excellent field experience along extensive practical and theoretical knowledge, which they enthusiastically transferred to us.  The programme manager was very supportive and encouraging throughout the course and guided everyone through at individual level.  I have gone on to set up my own Wellbeing Studio, teaching Bootcamp, Yoga and Pilates classes and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career in the Health & Fitness industry.

    Rachel Gaffey.

  • THE ACSM experience with Ronan Mee was a great educational supplement to the coursework that was provided in the online/textbook readings of the ASCM PT course.  I feel that I am fully prepared to now sit down and tackle the paperwork because the classroom experience provided a thorough understanding of the textbook information. The presenters were experienced and the review work thorough!.I give it an A plus”

    – Heather Gordon

  • If you are thinking of progressing your career as a personal trainer, the ACSM Personal Trainer course is the best option by far. Litton Lane Training provide the knowledge, experience, expertise and professionalism needed to meet the very high standards of the ACSM. ACSM is one of the world’s most recognised organisations and having this certificate will ensure you are regarded as being a notch above the rest! Having this qualification opens up new doors for the personal trainer and being on that elite list of ACSM qualified personal trainers brings with it prestige, integrity and a host of other benefits. If you are serious about progressing your career, having an ASCM certification really is the beginning of a whole new world of options for you.

    – Vinny Mulvey

  • ‘The ACSM course by Litton Lane Training is a must do for anyone thinking of becoming or improving as a personal trainer, as an already experienced fitness professional, I firmly believe this course has taken me to the next level and allowed me a greater understanding of all aspects of personal training, I am now in a position to confidently take on clients, knowing I will be able to give them the best advise and care to the highest standards’

    – Sean Forsyth

  • ‘The ACSM course is a great course as it is very well structured, very well thought out and it had very good tutors to teach the course. Our tutors made me feel very relaxed and they created a very friendly atmosphere within the class which made it easy to absorb as much information as I could. I went into this course knowing a small bit about personal training and came out with a wealth of knowledge which has helped me get to the stage that I am at now and that is all thanks to Litton Lane Training, it’s tutors, and ACSM’.

    – Ian Lynch

  • Train the Trainer
    I have recently completed Litton Lane Training FETAC Train the Trainer course, When I started it I had no idea what train the trainer was but after completing it I really feel it has enriched my learning and opened many doors for me professionally, the quality of the teaching was second to none, it was a fun,, relaxed environment and I have learned the benefits of what preparation and communication can achieve for myself and my clients. I would recommended this course to anyone who wants to be at the top of their profession

    – Sean Forsyth

    As a Specialised Fitness Instructor I was looking for a Pilates course that was “best in class”, which Stott provided.  Although the training was challenging it gave me a highly credible qualification, recognized worldwide.  Stott’s after course support helps keep me to keep up to date with news and views as well as providing motivation as an instructor.  Regular workshops allow me to maintain my certification at the same time as learning new techniques, providing information on Pilates for special population clients as well as networking with my peers.

    – Maria Ham, Specialised Fitness Instructor/Stott Pilates® Instructor, Cork

    I have being teaching STOTT PILATES to clients and using it as a therapeutic tool in treatment of patients since 2005 when I completed my certification with Litton Lane Training. STOTT PILATES has proved to be an essential tool in overall treatment and management of patients and through STOTT PILATES I am teaching patients the skill to rehabilitate through a program of scientifically- based exercises. Litton Lane Training not only provides Instructor courses but also continuing education workshops in a variety of areas such as pre and post natal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, to the highest standard.
    Litton Lane Training are both efficient and professional  in their provision of training and support to trainee and trained instructors. In a nutshell STOTT PILATES courses delivered by Litton Lane Training is training for professionals , by professionals.

    Dara Dunne

    Chartered Physiotherapist